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Get a piece of this billion dollar industry by starting your own mobile spray tanning business. Spray tanning can be the door to freedom from your 9-5 job to a lucrative career. Your clients can be friends, family or neighbors, which can lead to tanning famous celebrities and athletes (they all do it). If you are just looking to make some extra money, mobile spray tanning can be great source of income in your free time. Summer Sheens offers the most in-depth spray tan training program in San Diego, California. The program is run personally by the owner Joanna Sheen. The course was created to be easy to learn and is designed to get you working in the field quickly.


Our spray tanning course has been designed so you can feel comfortable on your own using simple and effective techniques. You will also learn how to mix solutions for every skin tone and type. Convenient full and half day training sessions let you learn at your own pace. Summer Sheen also specializes in spray tanning equipment and products. Our course will also teach you the ropes to sell these products for additional sales. Spray tanning is a rapidly growing industry and getting in on the ground floor is important. With a little work on your part, you’ll be earning a great income as a certified spray tan professional.


If you’re still reading this then you’re probably interested in learning more about starting your own mobile spray tanning business or adding as a service to your current spa or salon. Summer Sheen is the best resource in San Diego for hands on training to getting started in the industry. Spray tanning technicians with experience are in high demand. Even though there are other airbrush tanning services in San Diego, Summer Sheen has been able to expand its business each year, proving there's high demand. We have trained spray tanning techs all over the Country, many of which have built a client base and are getting new customers every day!

What can a spray tanning certification do for you?

Mobile Spray Tanning

This is by far the most popular route many of our spray tan technicians choose after they complete their course. In fact, mobile spray tanning is the fastest growing market within the handheld spray tanning industry. By offering your clients the convenience of traveling directly to their door you can save them the “trip” and can charge a higher premium. Most spray technicians start out with friends, family and quickly increase their customer base through spray tan parties, corporate events, wedding expos and referrals. It’s easy to get started since you don’t have the any overhead including rent or utilities. A small investment into equipment and training now and you’ll be on your way to starting a new career.

If you already own a tanning spa, beauty salon, health club or day spa you can commission a spray tan technician to take your services mobile. By expanding your marketing area and providing a sunless tanning service, you will reach new customers. The mobile spray tan industry is huge for wedding and formal expos, fairs, recitals, gatherings and body building events. This can also be a great way to showcase your current services and products. If your customers can’t come to you then go to them.


Tanning Salons

Traditional tanning salons in San Diego, California are switching from UV tanning beds to spray tanning at a growing pace. The reason behind the switch is that spray tanning provides faster, safer and better overall results when compared to tanning beds. If you own a tanning salon, spray tanning is an affordable option that will open your business up to a whole new type of client. Certified spray tanning technicians can fulfill these positions or rent space from a salon owner.


Day Spas

Spa and sunless tanning go together like cookies and milk. Offering customers spray tanning can offer peace and relaxation, knowing that your body is not being subjected to harsh UV light. Using only the best performing sunless solutions on the market can make for a truly amazing experience. When people visit a spa they want to look and feel their very best. By offering clients a natural alternative to UV tanning will help generate additional revenue for your business.


Cosmetologist / Esthetician

If you’re already doing makeup and hair, spray tanning can be an easy up sale. Sunless Spray Tanning has become the single fastest growing sector in the beauty industry. People that visit a cosmetologist want to look their absolute best, and what’s better than the perfect tan? You can also strengthen your business through skin/tan care product sales. Beauty salons are also a great place to offer spray tanning as an additional service. This will ensure your customers look their absolute best when they leave.


Health Clubs

It’s not uncommon to see a tanning bed at a health or fitness club. The reason is club members often desire that finishing touch to their sculpted physical appearance. Sunless spray tanning is a great way to keep members at your health club and attract new customers. Studies have shown that spray tanning services can add up to an addition 30 percent of revenue when added to an existing gym membership. You can further extend sales through sunless care and maintenance products.


Bodybuilding, Fitness, and Modeling Competitions

Having the right tan for a competition where judges base you on your physical appearance can be the difference from winning or losing. Spray tanning can enhance your client’s features and hide blemishes to give them the edge over their competitors. San Diego is full of different types of competitive events including bodybuilding, modeling, fitness, bikini and more. These contests require perfection where normal tanning methods just won’t cut it. Becoming a certified spray tan technician means you can perform spray tanning right at the event. These events often have hundreds of competitors in different classes. Attending one competition can often add up to month’s salary in just one day!


Weddings and Tanning Parties

Doesn’t everybody want to look their best on that big day! Many times it’s not just the bride getting treated to a spray tan, but the whole wedding party. It’s important that everyone is corresponding with one another for perfect pictures and lasting memories. Sometimes this even means the groom will be getting a sunless tan. Weddings are not the only life event that requires a perfect tan in groups. Maybe it's for the bachelorette party, girl’s night out, or “just because”, hosting a spray tanning party can be exciting and rewarding. You can further entice larger groups of people by offering discounts and other promotions.

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