Tan bride holding a bouquet1. Do a test spray tan before the big day

Even though spray tanning has been around for years, many women may not be familiar with the process. Most brides want to make sure everything is perfect for their wedding day, including their tan. This is our #1 tip and recommendation for this reason. A test spray will show you exactly how the solution will set on your skin and also make sure the shade of the tan is just right. Adjusting the shade now is an easy fix, but the only way to know is by doing a test run.

2. Check your color against the dress

During the week of the fitting, it’s a great idea to schedule a spray tanning test run. This way you can see your newly tanned skin against your white (or whatever color you choose, we won’t judge!) dress. Fittings are often stressful, so it’s best to do the spray tan 1-3 days prior. One less thing to worry to check off your list.

3. Show off to your future Husband

Since you’re making a commitment to your future life partner it’s best to ask his thoughts and opinions of your spray tan. Show him before and after your test tan, this way he will see just how radiant and glowing you look! It’s also important to choose a color that won’t make him look like a ghost either. Your tan should complement his skin, so take a couple pictures with your man to make sure you don’t have “too much color”. We can even spray tan your fiancé for a perfectly tan couple.

4. Get your bridesmaids involved

Tell your maid of honor and bridesmaids that you are getting a spray tan for your wedding. Hundreds of photos will be taken on your wedding day and you’ll be standing side by side with your wedding party. Just like with your groom you do not want to have a tan that is too dark and makes you stick out from the rest of your party. We recommend getting your bridesmaids and maids of honor spray tanned as well. This way everyone will look their absolute best with a nice touch of color. Summer Sheen offers discounted rates for wedding parties and even free spray tanning for the bride with groups of five or more.

5. Give your new spray tan a good workout

Put your spray tan test to see how it reacts with your skin type and daily activities. Jump, run or go to the gym and work up a sweat to make sure everything is ok. Pay close attention to the color and how quickly it fades into the perfect bronze tan. If you like the color on a certain day let us know ahead of time. This way we can schedule you far enough in advance as needed for your wedding day.

6. Keep your glowing tan longer

It’s a good idea to book your mobile spray tan weeks in advance. Your tan will usually look its very best two to four days after initial application. On the day of your spray tanning session your skin should be clean, dry and free of any products. This means do not to apply any lotion, makeup or deodorant which can prevent the tan from fully soaking in, leaving spots or streaks. The color will be the deepest during the first couple of days, especially when it hasn’t had significant exposure to sweat or beauty products. When your skin is hydrated it will keep the spray tan longer, so at minimum moisturize after every shower. Try to avoid lotions that contain alcohol or sulfates in the ingredients as they tend to dry out the skin. Lastly when on your honeymoon be aware that high amounts of chlorine will fade your spray tan quicker.

* To keep your tan looking its best for follow our Before and After Tanning Care Instructions. Summer Sheen offers a full range of products to help you get the most out of your spray tan. Your skin type can also play an important roll as to how long your tan will last. Regular moisturizing is a must and will extend the life of your tan.