competition-ready spray tanned woman lifting dumbellsQ: Why should I choose Summer Sheen Spray Tanning vs. store bought competition spray tanning product?

A: Since your tan is one of the most important parts of your appearance on stage, it’s silly to rely on inferior products. Spray/airbrush application will produce a fine mist of solution that will go on evenly, far superior to other application methods. A skilled spray tan technician can also pick the right color for your skin type for an smooth and even looking tan. Summer Sheen will also give you helpful advice on how-to wear and maintain your tan throughout the competition.

Q: Can I just go to any tanning salon for my competition tan?

A: We highly recommend against this! Most salons do not have the proper tanning solutions, equipment or experience. Competition tanning solution is different from the type of solutions that are used at tanning salons. Using the wrong type of solution will not produce a color that is dark enough under direct stage lighting. The proper application is also a must, and that only someone with experience in competition tanning should perform.

Q: How far in advance should I get my spray tan, and how many coats are needed?

A: Spray tan application usually begins the day before the competition. Often additional coats are applied the morning of the competition before judging begins. Each competitor can take 2 to 4 applications to achieve their ideal color. The actual number of coats can vary from competitor to competitor. This is because different skin types react differently with the tanning solution. Summer Sheen has over a decade of experience applying competition quality spray tans and guarantees you’ll get the best tan possible.

Q: Is there anything I should do before getting my competition spray tan?

A: It’s very important to follow the instructions given to you by your spray tan professional for preparing your skin. A little work on your part will go a long way by controlling the condition of your skin for the spray tan. By not following these guidelines, you are putting your tan and therefore your appearance at risk. Incorrect skin preparation can cause dark blotches, a green haze, or streaks on the tan.

Q: Is it safe to use stage oil after getting my spray tan?

A: It’s safe as long as you follow a couple guidelines. You should only use a non-aerosol oil or glaze that can be applied by hand. You should never use any oil that contains petroleum products like baby oil as they can smear your tan giving you a blotchy appearance under the stage lights. Summer Sheen can give you more details and product suggestions if stage oil is necessary.

Q: What the best way to remove the spray tan after the competition?

A: After your competition is complete you can take a shower. Most of the color will wash right off and the remaining color will last about 5-10 days and slowly fade away. The fading process is just like a natural tan from the sun, but without peeling skin or blotchiness.

* To keep your Competition Spray Tan looking its best follow our Before and After Tanning Care Instructions. Summer Sheen offers a full range of products to help you get the most out of your Competition Spray Tan. Your skin type can also play an important roll as to how long your tan will last. Regular moisturizing is a must and will extend the life of your tan.

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